Apple tells users to upgrade their iTunes software

I just posted the article Apple tells users to upgrade their iTunes software.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us, a new version of iTunes
is coming and the older versions will not be supported. It is very possible
that they are trying to plug another…

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Another reason why not to buy an ipod with its flawed crappy proprietory encoding format, it has too many inherent design flaws, to be a long term investment:X

You’re aware that you don’t HAVE to use their crappy proprietary encoding format. You can use mp3, another crappy proprietary encoding format – that got loose.

MP3 still sounds better than AAC at high encoding levels and I think his point is that Apple forces you to choose their online music store for music. You don’t have any choice there. Either MP3 or iTunes Music Store. No WMA or OGG here.

AAC sounds much better than WMA. Ogg beats everything.