Apple sues Psystar over OS X on PC



I just posted the article Apple sues Psystar over OS X on PC.

In the legal strike the world has been waiting for, Apple has finally unleashed its lawyers on Psystar and its Open Computer - a PC running Mac OS X.It’s three months since the Open Computer was…

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LOL…the poor product being of course OS X


OS X is lame port of FreeBSD and Mach yet Apple acts like it owns the entire code. One of the reasons Apple never gained a sizeable installed base in the PC market is because of their utter failure to license their architecture. What a pack of dolts - all lead by that egotistical, arrogant prick Jobs. I was once a heavy Apple user back in the Apple // days but seeing what Jobs did to Apple just makes me sick. The sooner Apple gets out of the PC business the better - they have no unique products any more and are only surviving on their weak media players and gimicky mobile phones. I applaud any company that can get OS X running on a PC as it shows what a pack of narrow-minded clowns are running Apple.


It’s certainly true that Apple have been kept afloat by making money out of other people’s product (iTunes). As an actual Computer computer they are simply overpriced in this day and age - and this attitude will keep them in their small niche market. Most of the people I know with Macs are arrogant wannabe ‘designers’ who are clueless when it comes to using a real PC. In a recent survey, most people with Macs consider themselves ‘superior’ in some way, LOL. I know both Mac and PC, and don’t care which computer I use as long as I get my work done. It just so happens to be a PC, simply because I put it together myself - and this way I get a faster machine than any Mac on the market, and at a lesser cost.


Apple is a hardware company first. Their hardware is good and they have generally good service and support. When you buy a PC from most other vendors you mostly getting a warranty and support as they generally use economy hardware. A lot of people prefer Apple hardware even though they use Linux or Windows. A home-built system can always be cheaper even with better hardware as it’s relying on manufacturer warranties and you support it yourself. You have to compare Apple hardware with other higher-end vendors like Alienware.