Apple stunned by Real Networks Harmony technology

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  Apple has  reportedly been "stunned" at the announcement this week, that Real  music tracks will now play even  on an iPod. They have even gone so  far as to call Real...
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“Compaq produced the first IBM compatible PC’s” Compaq did not have to deal with the DMCA, if there was a DMCA when IBM came out with the IBM PC they would still be the only ones making PCs, and we all would be playing softbal or watching TV and not (‘playing’) working on a computer.

The DMCA revolves around secuity systems (encryption specifically), so I doubt if it would have even applied. That said, IBM could have done something to somehow add some security/encryption to their PC.

“Consumers, and not Apple, should be the ones choosing what music goes on their iPod,” …while I agree with this, having been burnt with their malware earlier I wouldn’t touch real with someone elses 10 ft pole…:X