Apple strikes back, attempting to block Samsung's US imports



Apple strikes back, attempting to block Samsung’s US imports.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The legal back and forth between Apple and Samsung is getting nasty.  Between lawsuits and ITC filings the companies appear more and more like nations at war and not just electronics companies.  Apple's latest move in this nightmare chess match is an attempt to block four of Samsung's new wireless devices in the U.S.  

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“to protect the public interest.” The document goes on to say, “Because Apple has demonstrated a likelihood of success on its claims, the public interest would be served by prohibiting Samsung from infringing Apple’s patents.””

That’s a bunch of bull crap! It serves the public better that this company (Samsung) is taking another company’s concept (CRAPPLE) and is IMPROVING upon it. We want choices! We don’t want to innovation to be striffled because they got their panties in a bunch. They’re a bunch if sissies. Why so much fear apple? Afraid that they’re actually going to make a much better product than you!?. Are you so worried about your inferiority that you choose to trample on the public’s demand for said devices?


Seems to be a pissing match, with lots of money wasted in the courts. I wonder if one or the other will come out with a devastating ruling against the other or if it will all just be a wash…


Apple are being attacked on all fronts now and it’s good for the consumer.

It’ll either force Apple to support the features people want or drive them on to even better things.

I did see this advert a few weeks ago and couldn’t help thinking they’ll have difficulty countering this one. :slight_smile:



Apple will just sue RIM for some real or imaginary IP violation…


Apple is just jealous


The Apple iPad is expensive and you cannot use regular connectors from your other devices. You will have to use some EXPENSIVE Apple stuff. A physical keyboard is not included in the package, you’ll have to BUY it yourself. Want a camera? Pay for it! Can you buy a conventional camera? No, you have to BUY Apple’s camera connection kit.
Adobe Flash support…Forget It!!!