Apple store wants credit card info - grrr!

Hi there,

I wanted to set up an account on iTunes for my daughter’s iPOD. She wants to download free of charge apps. But in this f*****g setup procedure I am stuck at a step where I should enter my credit card number. They say “we credit only if you buy”. Very funny, as I do not foresee to buy anything there, ans as I don’t want my daughter to buy on my card, I don’t want to supply my credit card info at all. But it doesn’t let me create an account without the card information.

Am I doing anything wrong (besides financing apple with the purchase of the iPOD) ? Is there another possibility to get an account for loading free apps and using iTunes to organize the music ?

Thanks in advance


Can you get and use a pre-paid card?

I thought about this option, but anyhow it is annoying that for setting up the account they want to see a credit card already.

I think to remember that something like 2-3 years ago I managed to setup the account for my son without entering credit card data.

Does anybody know whether they have changed the rules for the acounts ?


You should be able to set up an account without a credit card, as I’ve helped someone do so entering any credit card details.

When you reach the payment screen, you’ll see a drop-down of a list of credit cards, e.g. Visa, Discover, etc. There should be ‘None’ at the bottom of this list, which will let you past this stage.

And here is an Apple Support page outlining what Sean has helpfully pointed out. (I didn’t know you could still do one without a credit card; I made my account ages ago when it barely even asked for one, and heard other people over the years begin saying that the process required it).

Cool, this hit the spot !!

If you exactly follow the instructions given at the link above, you can setup the account without credit card.

The trick is to attempt to buy a free of charge app in the app-store and, during this purchase procedure, choose to create a new account.

Bizarre enough …

Thanks a lot