Apple set to make 50% margin on iPhone

MARKET RESEARCH firm iSuppli reckons that when Apple starts selling its iPhone, it will cream punters to the tune of a 50% gross margin.

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I thought Cisco had the rights to the “iPhone” name.

Edit: Maybe not - "based on publicly available information from the US Patent and Trademark office, as well as public reviews of Cisco products over the past year. The trademark was apparently abandoned in late 2005/early 2006 because Cisco was not using it"

There is a cournt case on this now between Apple and Cisco

50%? Is that all? And how did they calculate that?
Does that include R&D costs … if so, how long until it’s repaid (the first unit sold?), and the Gross margin is 95%. If not, how long will it take to recoup R&D costs?

Early adopters always pay more, to compensate for the R&D costs.

Apple needs $ some place, some very cool products but also has shot itself in the foot with many crap products,and things that can only be use by Apples.

Not worth starting a new thread, but worth mentioning…

No surprise…Apple have “won” their case to use the name iPhone after rival Cisco claimed they owned it…the deal involves cross platform compatibility and they can both use the name…money was certainly involved

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