Apple sends DMCA notice to iPodHash project

I just posted the article Apple sends DMCA notice to iPodHash project.

As pretty much every iPod owner knows, music must be loaded on to the iPod through iTunes or some alternative capable of working with their iPod. Lately, Apple tried putting a stop to…

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Is apple related sony?
If not they should.

Let’s do a buyers’ strike and not buy anything this holiday season, maybe we’ll get them to change their minds.

I already own one the older 80gb classic ipod and was going to sell it to buy the new 120gb, with this news I’m definitely not. It’s not worth it.

i will never understand apple and its thinking. Apple wants control but they do everything to keep customers away. And what really pi$$es me off is the mac fans put up with it, and they want what everyone else wants they just dont fight for it like everyone elses does. Apple has a achance to steal markets, even the computer market, but they have to give people a reason to give them a chance, and all apple does is pi$$ people off. I am sick of windows, its been nothing but pain, and i want to go back to the mac, but i cant afford there prices, so i will be building a hackintosh, i wouldnt have to do this if apple gave people what they want. Why should people spend money on something they really dont want?

… anybody else noticed the oxymoron in the article above :eek:

I always get tired discussing things with Apple fanboys. They always seem to think that Apple is a ‘good’ company while they are as bad as all the others, right?