Apple, Samsung, Sandisk sued over MP3



Little-known Texas MP3 Technologies is taking on Apple, Samsung Electronics and Sandisk with a patent-infringement lawsuit.


:cool: :cool:



There are three industries I despise, because adding no value to society, they actively pursue and generate their own market for their personal (worthless) benefit.

Law, Marketting & IT.

/me decides that American Lawyers should be shot out of Cannons (or plasma tubes depending on what year it is) into the sun. Preheating the Plasma chamber is optional … I’d personally like to see the expressions on their face as they experience 1000’s of G’s, then Absolute Zero temperatures, then plasma temperatures when they reach the sun :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee I’m evil.


I thought the MP3 technology was developed by the Frauenhofer Institute here in Germany back in the beginning of the 90´s…???


If you despise IT so much, then how come you have 7830 posts here at CDF, using a pc and a bunch of network equipment to access the CDF server(s)? :wink:

Shouldn’t you be looking through windows instead of running Windows? :bigsmile:


Telecommunications/Engineering & Information Technology industries I consider seperate.

IT has a place, but the vast majority of it is just a huge fart bubble, working for marketting :iagree: