Apple revamps their standard iPod series with colour screens

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 As  Apple's iPod sales have  finally levelled out recently, it seems like Apple is aiming to improve  sales again by revamping their iPod's yet again.  This time they are  replacing their...
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Why are there always comments about the ipod battery? If they are used and charged correctly they last fine and ARE replaceable if they don’t.

Color is very nice… :+

the average user certainly cannot be expected to replace their battery. It is far from obvious how to get it out. Most rechargeables only last a few hundred recharge cycles before they need to be replaced. A battery compartment for these things would also mean you could carry a spare in case one dies down on your trip. Right now, they don’t offer it. The iPod has plenty of room for improvement.

whats the screens res.??? I hope it got plenty of contrast and brightness - so I could use the whole thing as a pic-tank! :stuck_out_tongue:

According to Apple’s website, the screen resolution is 220 x 176, which supports up to 65,536 colours. Not sure about the brightness / contrast as so far I have not physically seen any iPod in operation, let alone the new version :stuck_out_tongue: There is also a seperately sold ‘Dock Kit’ that provides a composite and S-video output to show pictures on TV.

Really weird pricing model - 20Gb for $300 and 60Gb which is three times bigger for only $100 more…

It doesn’t cost 3x as much to build a 60GB HD, would you buy an iPod for $900?

Apple as a computer company is basically finished now that the Macintosh will derive most of its architecture from a PC. OS X is heavily based on NetBSD and is easily ported to a variety of other systems. Because of this, the Macintosh will basically lose its uniqueness and will be no different to a regular PC clone box. Might as well chuck in the towel Mr Jobs - you had your chance YEARS AGO to THINK DIFFERENT. But you BLEW IT. You could have properly licensed the Macintosh OS & hardware, but no - you wanted to keep everything tight-lipped. Your company doesn’t “Think Different” - more like “Think The Same”. Selling crappy iPods and other iTunes junk won’t save you anymore. Might as well face the fact that Apple products are dreadfully slow and unsupported compared with any high-end PC (P4 or Athlon 64). Your Powerbook line has been crippled with too many anaemic G4’s which overheat and underperform. Your G5’s also run like volcano’s and top out at dismal clock speeds. None of your ideas have been innovative and very few businesses have adopted your proprietary products because they don’t want to be padlocked to Apple for third-party product support. Of course, having a less than 3% installed base certainly doesn’t help matters. I really don’t see how a knucklehead CEO like you who boasted a “$1 year” salary now spoils himself with a billion-dollar plus stock option and a generous salary - all the while, his beloved sinking ship Apple starts to fade into obscurity. Which it will, sadly. I hope your shareholders are proud! Coloured iPods ? Puuhhlleeaze! Talk about re-arranging deck-chairs on the Titanic. LOL! Maybe you should pull out like your mate Woz did. At least he had the commonsense not to be greedy and instead focused on what’s truly important in life. Sorry for the anti-Apple rant. I’m just pissed off with the sheer incompetence of this company and its constant footshooting. :r