Apple releases software to run Windows on new Macs



Just announced, check it out.


Well as it is restricted to the Apples which have Intel chips, and not their original processors, not much of a newsflash realy it was bound to happen.


Hurray! Or something. I dont know anyone with a mac. Then again, I’m kind of glad I dont. They tend to be rather ignorant. Here’s your typical Mac vs PC encounter.

  • My computer is better than yours because it’s white!
  • Stop buggning me, I’m playing Oblivion! You should too. Oh wait, you can’t.


Maybe richer, not ignorant.


Definitely not ignorant.

It’s hard for a gamer to grasp the concept that there are folks out there who don’t play games.


Indeed it is! :smiley:
But really, hardware-wise, Macs are inferior. And if you go looking among the Mac-fans, you’ll quickly see that to them, everything Apple is automatically better, even if it is just your generic OEM-hardware stuffed into a plastic package with more than usual ammounts of gloss.

And software-wise, you’re not bound to Windows on the PC. If you want to you can use anything else. Therefore, I really do not grasp the greatness of the macintosh. Want a good computer, buy a PC, it’s more powerful and/or cheaper.


A lot of Mac fans spend US$2,500 to have a 2560*1600 30-inch Apple LCD monitor. Since they are rich, why care? I mean, if you have enough money to have both Macs and PC computers, why not? Apple is often the first hardware manufacturer to release computers based on the latest technologies from LG, NVidia, ATi, Motorola, Intel, Sony, Pioneer, and so on, and that’s because they target rather high-end consumer and professional markets. Most of us rather prefer building computers ourselves out of the cheapest components.


Yes, they can buy all the stuff they want. But this is what apple says in their press-release
"“Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple’s superior hardware now that we use Intel processors"

Hardware which is, incidentally, x86. And not even theirs. But by putting it in a white box with a large fruit on the side its suddenly “superior”. Superior to their own old, yes, but thats hardly what they’re hinting at.


Being a fan of both platforms, I enjoy hearing the different arguments each camp offers.

Yes, hardware wise Macs leave something to be desired. This lacking of hardware is more than made up for by the synergy the platform offers with OS X and the core applications that are included with most every Mac. In fact, if one doesn’t game, I recommend a Mac before a PC.

Yes, going the PC route offers you a level of control and selection that is unmatched. If you game, it’s the only choice to consider. XP is a very stable platform, relative to previous M$ releases.

Obviously, there are many different arguments for either side. Both have merits, both have flaws. I appreciate both for what they offer and don’t think one is better than the other.


I’d love to try OS-X, but I cant since it wont work on PC’s, nobody has a mac and they arent sold in stores. Great recipe for success right there :smiley:
I’m sure OS-X has something going for it, but what bugs the hell out of me is Apples holier-than-thou attitude.


With less than 7% of the market, they needed to do something.


Lol. That’s my experience … minus the oblivion.


Airhead you can get a prog that makes XP pcs have the look and feel of Macs OS.


And blokes can buy Fluorescent pink lipstick & mirrors to apply it … but why would you?


Some people like the look of the Mac OS’s and the Linux ones cmpared to XPs own look.

I’m sure you would look lovely in flourescent pink lipstick debro, give it a try you might be suprised.


I don’t like any of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still using a Win98 theme :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll pass on the lipstick … but feel free to experiment on yourself.


For that matter, Windows XP WAS the first major Windows OS with the look of Mac OS. And so many millions of experts and common users said Windows was just an imitation of Mac and that Windows 95 looked so much like OS/2 and Mac.

In the long run, such things didn’t matter that much. It was price and compatibility that mattered most where Apple, Xerox, IBM, etc. lost and Intel and Microsoft won. Right now, Microsoft’s brand name is still considered to be about 30 times more valuable than Samsung’s brand name even though Samsung itself is recording something like US$10 billion profits every year, easily most successful electronics company in the world in the recent several years.


BTW - if anyone is willing to try - there are definite fixes by Maxxuss for the running of OSX on Intel SSE2 compatible machines, though not really advanced yet and having some driver issues, it’s getting better. Try looking on, and snooping for torrents. You will find. [Though dual-booting doesn’t work yet]


Heh I’m not a big fan of skinning your OS. One of the major reasons I dont like Vista. I want all of my precious resources to go to running whatever programs I use rather than have it loitering about in the background somewhere calculating just how two overlapping windows should blend using Z-depth…


im a fan of both platforms…

i think it’s ironic that you’re taking a “holier-than-thou” approach to this thread, Airhead :stuck_out_tongue:

i have, use and like both platforms and already having two self-built A64 PCs, i’ve decided that with this news, my next PC will be an Apple laptop w/dual boot…probably within the next 6mos (waiting for the next revision of the MacBook Pro)…