Apple releases new iTunes version 4.1.1 for Windows

I just posted the article Apple releases new iTunes version 4.1.1 for Windows.

On we can read
that Apple has released an updated version of their iTunes software for
Windows. As most of our readers will know Apple has recently launched the Windows
version of…

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It also f*cked up my Windows XP Pro so I’m not installing this buggy app again…

Although the company firewall prevents me from accessing the store, iTunes works great on my legal Windows 2003 box converted to workstation. It works great on my home box which runs XP with all the updates. At least Apple is taking these bugs serious and released an update that includes multiply things and did it in 4 business!

Is it just me or was this “update” also 19MB, they need to make the updates just the changes, and not a new release. I’m using itunes to find all the missing audio books from my collection and downloading them from other sources. Some of the audio books cost $ 50.