Apple nears music service launch - backed by big five

I just posted the article Apple nears music service launch - backed by big five.

According to Apple is planning to launch a digital music service. The market, currently dominated by PressPlay and MusicNet, seems to be growing altough it still can’t oppose against…

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I assume this is a service you have to pay for since it is launched by a major known company like Apple. Why use a service you have to pay for when you can just download music for free? I use a PC, not an Apple, so this service would do me no good anyway. As for Apple users, they should try to find a P2P program for the MAC that allows you to download music for free.

I morally dont feel good downloading free music because it is stealing (even though I dont like how the record copanies are doing business) so if there is a good service that doesn’t screw their customers I will join.

RagingToad: You don’t need to feel morally bad about downloading free music because it’s not stealing, plain and simple. Am I stealing Internet access by buying a router instead of just hooking the PCs up to the hub connected to the cable modem so you would have to pay an extra $5 per month for each PC, but if you buy a router, you don’t have to pay the extra $5 per month and you get extra PCs hooked up without a performance loss. Multiple PCs hooked up to the same hub connected to the Internet is no different in speed than if you add a router to it. It would only be a difference in speed if both had their own dedicated cable modem. So am I stealing Internet access by buying a router? All people should know I’m not.

the internet is a service. How you use that service is up to you. it’s saying i have the same dial-up account on 2 different computers at home. Thats NEVER been considered stealing and i don’t understand how you can compare internet SERVICE to music CONTENT. music is not a service, and you don’t have some RIGHT to download it. Many do but no-one has some right to. And to so say oh why shouldn’t I, it’s FREE! that is the lamest argument i ever heard… so if you could shoot someone in the world and not haveto worry about the consequenes would you? Just because it’s there means nothing.

one more thing i will add… downloading for free has done one major thing, make the record companies realize that their world is no longer so nice & comfy… but this retaliation we all have against them can’t go on this way, forever. One side has to give and both sides haveto come to some mutual agreement. sooner or later free downloading on music & movies is gonna backfire and leave us with nothing. unless something happens that can quelch both fires within the next year. Apple may have found a direction in this compromise but only time will tell how successful it will be. i know i’d pay modest fee for a good catalog of songs to pick from. (my idea, all the known and popular stuff through a paid service… the rest… Kazaa :wink: Just don’t tell me i can’t play them on my rio or iPod!

If the RIAA doesn’t totally collapse then they’ll think they won and no lesson will be learned by either side. Unfortunatly the only way the lesson will be learned by the RIAA is if they go completely broke. Then that’s a lesson they will soon not forget. However, the true artist will make music regardless of if the RIAA is around or not. And they could still distribute their music on the file sharing network.

Instead of my music being vertically integrated through one of the big 5, it’ll be vertically integrated through Apple. That’s even worse because Apple will lock you into their inferior and overpriced hardware and simplistic, limited software. Screw this.