Apple may announce download movie rentals in August

I just posted the article Apple may announce download movie rentals in August.

This seems to be a day for rumors. In this report from Think Secret, apparently someone has let it slip that Apple will announce a plan to offer movies for rent via the ever-popular iTunes…

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Look, nobody is interested by your freaking movies at 15$ or so, Specially when we can download from P2P for free. the only way to make us pay for movies is to offer high quality download, at a descent price for only 3$/movie.

I would gladly pay $3 to 4 for a movie…but 15 for a d/l…no box, no cover, no extras, probably no menu either, thats just hiway robbery

I can rent a new movie for around 4$ from the store across the street. I get a full DVD quality and I don’t waste my monthly bandwidth cap. Can Apple compete with that? I doubt it.