Apple Lossless --> FLAC & keeping metadata

Hi I’m wondering how I can use dbPowerAmp to sort all my Apple Lossless songs converted to FLAC.

Right now it’s all sorted into album/artist folders as I was using iTunes but I got a new mp3 player and I want to have it all neat and sorted.

Right now dbPowerAmp is just throwing it into single song files and it’s really disorganized.

Hogger, you need to get your Sherlock cap and shovel out because you’ll have to dig around. Somewhere in Preferences or Options/Tools, dbPowerAmp has a way to rip and sort using all sorts of ‘data fields’ - album names can be converted into a Folder Name, Artist Name can be converted into Folders (or sub-folders), along with track name and numbers, dates of ripping, etc. All kinds.

It takes some experimenting - sometimes I put in a Space Hyphen Space and realized that lengthened the Displayed Name, making some a tad too long so I’d remove those extraneous characters.

I ended up getting a CD or two and creating this Rip-Title-Sort templates and then experimenting, then deleting the Ripped Files, trying a new “template” and finally ended up with Folders and SubFolders based on what was most useful to me.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find those options - but I’m not sure what version you have so the nomenclature - menu names - may be different. Preferences, or Options, or Tools - something like that. Customize…