Apple likely to launch Video iPod & music video store shortly

I just posted the article Apple likely to launch Video iPod & music video store shortly.

 Since the 

launch of the original iPod, Apple has revamped it quite a number of times and even introduced several different versions. So far, they have provided pretty much all the…

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Take your choice on who you believe, the above story or below, who been taken to court for releasing secret Apple info:

who cares how many more times are you gonna line the pockets of this company what about the poor sods that have just rushed out and parted with their hard earned cash only to be told a bigger and bolder shitpod is coming SHEEEZZZE

I still have a black and white 3rd gen iPod from early 2003, still love it. Don’t see much benefit of colour screen, video would be nice, but I don’t think it is big enough to make it worth watching video on. Ben :slight_smile: