Apple lawsuit alleges Samsung "slavishly" copied iPhone, iPad

Apple lawsuit alleges Samsung “slavishly” copied iPhone, iPad.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple’s iPad and iPhone are such dominating forces in the tablet and mobile phone industries that other manufacturers often borrow from aspects of the products’ designs and user interfaces in hopes of luring some of the market share away. But how much “borrowing” can one manufacturer do until it’s considered an act of infringement?

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Guess Apples feeling the marketing heat these days. Going after RIM and HP next??

Apple is weak. Even if they are similar, conusmers want choice and not be forced to follow all that mac crap.

And I see in tonites news that Apple has been slavishly tracking every iPhones where abouts.

Funny, I never heard anyone having to use the “Grip of Death” on their Samsung. I thought that was an Apple only patent, crappy quality?