Apple launches iTunes Plus, without DRM

I just posted the article Apple launches iTunes Plus, without DRM.

It was not that long ago that copy protection started appearing like it was going to rule over all the major label’s music. However, just when it was starting to look like all the major labels…

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we’ll see if people really care so much about not having DRM when we see Apple’s sales figures next quarter.

“consumers can convert these tracks to MP3”… From an audio quality point of view, this is no better than the old way with DRM… burn a CD and rip it to MP3. It’s still going to be re-compressed. Why can’t they offer MP3 as a primary format for purchase? This still doesn’t solve the problem for many devices.

Doesn’t look like its all that great. Apple still store your information on the file itself

Cool, if you already bought songs it will allow you to upgrade to the DRM free for the difference, unfortunately i only have 2 songs I can do it with.