Apple launches iTunes film downloads in UK



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Those interested in video on demand films in the UK may be happy to know that Apple has launched its iTunes film download service there, where users can rent or purchase titles. Apple has made…

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I guess it might be convenient as a rental service for people who already own (or are willing to buy) an apple tv, but I can’t see too many people buying given that the DRM presumably locks it to the computer it was downloaded to (or 1 iPod - who wants to watch a film on an iPod?) & a DVD can be played on any computer or DVD player. Price is also somewhat of a stumbling block as its a similar price to physical media rentals/ purchases, but what you are getting is much more restricted & liable to be lost when your hard disk dies or you upgrade/replace your computer When are the movie studios / record companies going to release their products in download form at a lower price than the physical media forms? That’s what I want to know!


No TV programs??


At only 190% the price in the US! Great job Apple! :frowning:


uk, you can open a us itunes account and download everything you want with a gift card. free instructions here: