Apple launches its new iPod with improved design & features

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 Just a few days ago after Apple's new iPod announcement, they have now launched a 4th  generation 20GB model for $ 299 and a 40GB for $ 399; both now shipping.  For those who have not seen...
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I won’t be grabbing an iPod until it features both FM and AM support. :frowning:

I have replaced a battery in a Gen1 (old school) iPod, its very easy and only cost £25. It now works good as new. Also why spend £300+ on an MP3 player to listen to the radio???
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@vdown- why spend that much on a MP3 player that won’t? I know what you mean though, you can carry an entire collection of your music around, but sometimes it’s nice to get the news or some “live” entertainment. I love the fact that my player features FM with presets. Lot’s of times in the mornings I will listen to NPR news on the way to work. :slight_smile:

I’ll say it again, Iriver and Iaudio are the only companies making decent MP3 players. Check them out and forget this Ipod nonsense. Even with all these new features the Ipod V4 is still way behind the products pushed out by Iriver and iaudio.