Apple launches iPod nano (much smaller than mini) & phone



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 September  7th has been a busy day for Apple after it had launched several new products as  well as new version of iTunes.  Apple has worked with Motorola to launch  the new long-awaited ...
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iPod Phone? LOL its a Motorola E398.


Perhaps the use of flash memory with Apple is not a fluke, and instead is going to be the preferred way for the iPod. The benefits are: - much smaller form factor - using flash instead of a HD can double or triple battery life and allow smaller batteries - flash memory is virtually invincible to dropping But there’s two HUGE drawbacks - Flash can’t store as much as a mini HD - Flash is 10x more expensive per gig It’s these two drawbacks that let Apple dominate the MP3 player market because they were the first on the market with a small HD based player and sexy form factor. It seems Apple is going against what made their player popular in the first place. But sadly it will work because now that iPod is a household name, people will buy it even if it can only hold a few dozen music albums. Ironic.
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Oh and I forget… this is definetly NOT an iPod phone. Maybe if it had the scroll wheel you could call it an iPod phone.


lol, Sony just got kicked in the Beans lol :S


today’s sony is not what she used to be; their products’ quality is less than what they should be & warranty service is one of the worst; sony did not want so called mp3 players to take off as they feared they will ruin their copy right cartel business sony failed to impress on their music players as they put too much restrictions & require lousy buggy software sony has been pushed to allow mp3 files to be played but still there are better alternatives like apple & iriver