Apple Launches Formal Investigation as iPhone 8 Explodes While Charging

That article is full of errors.
The picture shows an IPhone X rather than an iPhone 8.
It says the battery is the same as the one used in the Samsung Note 7, which then goes on to say that the Note 7’s battery has no known issues. The Note 7 was recalled and then discontinued because of batteries exploding.

It seems very few can make a safe Lithium battery these days. Not at all surprising really. From school physics, I remember that Lithium wasn’t exactly a stable element.

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There are even more errors than that.

If one goes to the original sources and looks at the photos of the affected phones, there were no “explosions”. Rather the batteries swelled, causing the case to crack open or the display to separate from the front bezel. Clearly there is an issue with some of the batteries but I can find no proof of explosions

Whether this article is accurate or not, at least I can safely say that I don’t have any real reason to worry about my Samsung Galaxy phone’s battery exploding. Oh wait…