Apple iTunes sells over 2 million songs in nearly two weeks, legal music can be done!

I just posted the article Apple iTunes sells over 2 million songs in nearly two weeks, legal music can be done!.

Recently Apple launched a website that allowed
iTunes users to download and pay for music of the five major record labels and
it seems to be a success story. Over 2 million people have…

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Apple Mac suckers… Limited file use, 99 cents per song, you might as well go out and buy the original CD…

Limited use? Don’t be ignorant. You can play the tunes all you want, they don’t “expire” like the RIAA wants DRM to allow. And you can burn them all you want (as long as you don’t try to mass produce burnt copies by burning the same CD 10 times in a row). How can it get any better? Let’s not forget that 99 cents is a great price as long as you get a 30sec preview before you buy a song (is Apple doing that?). Especially since when CD is usually 12 songs and 12 x 99 cents is not the 17 dollars stores charge… and if you can preview then you won’t buy the songs you won’t like… so expect your band’s new songs that you actually like to cost you like 4 dollars. You’re never going to get legal & unrestricted MP3s off the net for like 5 dollars per CD in 320kbit quality with a LAME codec. Get off the idealistic thrown and take a good offer when it comes
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This idea is the best thing to come along yet. You can pick and choose what you want. In the fall it is my understanding that this service will be available for the windows platform. Three cheers for Apple and Steve Jobs. This could be the wave of the future. :slight_smile:

Rhelic, you obviously havn’t heard of shopping around… So you’re paying 12 bucks for an average CD, add on the cost of the CD-R, CD Case, the materials to print a quality CD Label and case inserts and all of a sudden you’re pushing on towards 17 bucks. If you really want to be pedantic add the cost of the electricity to run your PC during downloading and burning a CD, plus a percentage of the cost of your web link. Also take into account that any MP3 regardless of bitrate is compressed and therefore there will always be a degree of degradation; even though on many hi-fi systems or playback devices you might not notice it. You’ve then got a product costing the thicker end of 17 bucks, that’s not as good as the original, for not very much less than an original. Therefore this service is hardly good value for money. And ofcourse it’s restricted “and the files are restricted to play on 2 Macs.” Hey you may well have bought into it for a dollar, but I certainly won’t be buying into it for a dollar! Perhaps try 50 cents…

Hmm…2 million and it’s restricted to Macs? I suspect there is quite a bit of shilling going on here to make it look like the service is a success. The limited selection makes me even more skeptical. Let’s see where it stands in 6 months or a year. Hmm…maybe each Mac had a 32x CD burner and therefore counts as selling 8 songs? :smiley:
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Why pay 99 cents for song when you can download the same song for free?

because not everyone is pirating music, or into downloading 100 files to find the exact one they want.

Interesting…I wonder what the sound quality is like. Also…are the artists getting a cut from these tracks. I have a funny feeling that the $$ is going in both Apple and the music company’s pocket without any going to the artist. I don’t know for sure, but I remember that huge lawsuit (100s of millions) the record companies won and never read anything from any artist or newsource saying that a piece of that pie went to the actual artists that the companies were trying to “protect”. But aside, it’s good to see a successful business in this economy. It kind of undermines the RIAA’s big stink about all music sales are down due to pirates…these “pirates” are buying music…as was likely all other file swappers.

Its a great deal, at 99 cents a song, I get what I want at a reasonable cost. There are rarely 12+songs on a CD that are worthwhile to the normal listener, a fan will call every Eminem song great. [cough] Anyway, I’d rather pay 6 bucks for 6 songs, and be able to rip them when/where I want. If this service hits the PC market, you can bet your ass that someone will create a patch that will let you rip the file out of the interface and into a format best suited for burning at any time. Prediction: Slow Death