Apple iTunes sells 200m Songs!



I just posted the article Apple iTunes sells 200m Songs!.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the Apple iTunes
music store has sold a whopping 200 million music tracks. In October Apple
reported that it had sold 150 million…

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This only furthers my belief, that regardless of what Apple tries to tell you… they’re making money hand over fist on iTunes. While it’s nothing compared to the killing they’re making by marking up iPod’s the way they do… I think we all know that the iTMS isn’t a “loss” for them as they claim.


Big deal ! While they were “selling” 200 million songs. The rest of the world was downloading 200 TRILLION for free.:B


yup and what about uk we r in europe and as far as i know part of europe so why one price for us (the highest in europe) and one for the rest of eu ??? RIPP OFF BRITAIN :frowning:


What an awful lot of rubes there are out there who will pay $1 for copy protected lossy content. Darwin was wrong - evolution isn’t improving the breed.