Apple iTunes may soon offer premium "lossless" audio tracks



Apple iTunes may soon offer premium “lossless” audio tracks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The evolution of digital music, with the ability to carry around an entire audio library has been considered by most consumers as a great innovation. Talk to a true audiophile, however, and you will hear nothing but complaints about how going digital has destroyed the quality of recorded music.

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I would like this option, but I hope they don’t charge some ridicules premium… and FLAC would be nice, though I expect that Apple will not embrace OpenSource.


“What we’re trying to do here is fix the degradation of music that the digital revolution has caused,” Iovene said. “It’s one thing to have music stolen through the ease of digital processing. But it’s another thing to destroy the quality of it. And that’s what’s happening on a massive scale.”

Then why the hell do they use so much compression. CDs that were made before the mid-nineties sounded fine. 16-bit audio supports 96db dynamic range. After they get done compressing the audio CDs released these days, the dynamic range is about 10db at most. Maybe 24-bit is better, but the record companies will end up ruining the sound anyway.


i wish they made an initiative to stop crap mastering instead