Apple Itunes Library won't open!

Anyone with this issue of Library not opening?
I never got an ERROR message at all.:confused:

I went to the WinEx to see the application there in the properties of itunes in the program Files Directory,but will not open up.

Does this mean I lost all those Itunes? I just spent half the day downloading podcasts and updating the library…I had an older version (7.0) of Itunes on my PC as of this morning. As I was downloading Podcasts, I noticed they had a 7.5 version of Quicktime and itunes, so I did the deed!. I should have waited until I rebilt a new computer with More 4GB DDR2 and a Intel E6850,but Nnooooo,stupid me! Anyway to get it back?

After downloading the new version,and restarted the computer, I went to open up itunes to sync to my 5th Gen 80GB,but nothing opened up, not in Start>programs>itunes>itunes, Not in the start up menu, not in the WinExplorer> program Files> itunes…Nothing!

I want to revert back to my other older version to get all my content back from my Library. Thanks! :bow:

Yes try System Restore then save your music to another media or HDD, then upgrade to 7.5.

I tried the system restore,nothing. I uninstalled itunes,then reinstalled the itunes/quicktime download from apple. I clicked on the itunes icon on the desktop a few times and then a few times more,nothing. I guess I’m missing the file to open this up. regardless, I went to the Windows/Start/programs/itunes…nothing again. Windows Explorer/C:/ program files/itunes…nothing.

I was afraid when I uninstalled the itunes software from before,it would erase the itunes Library,but the music is still on my hard drive,I just can’t open the itunes Library. At this point,I should buy an external hard drive and transfer all my Mp3 files and the itunes music files/podcasts/photos,wipe the hard drive,reinstall the O.S. and start all over again.

I’m guessing I am out of options with this itune Libray.