Apple Ipod / Windows Media Player Question

Ok heres the story, in work my boss put about 25 cd’s on his computer, so he then transfered the my music folder onto a shared drive here at work so i could copy them to my computer, heres my questions

  1. i have a photo 60gb ipod and was wondering how i could possible get these songs on here, i dont have much experience with my ipod, if i download the itunes to my computer here at work and then bring in the usb cable and plug it in will that work? also is there a way to do it without deleting all the songs that are on there already? because i know when you delete a song from your library the next time you update your ipod, then that song is gone from your ipod so if i plug it in here at work, none of the songs that are on there already are going to be there so will that make itunes just delete everything? is there any way around that?

  2. in windows media player you know how they list the album name, artist and track name, well in the player it lists everything but in the folder my music the track name isnt listed, only as track 1, 2…etc… is there a way to get windows media player to change that so i dont have to do it manually, that way when i figure out how to get these songs on my ipod they are not listed as track 1, 2…etc…

  3. is there any other way that anyone see’s possible to do this, maybe a better way?

also i didnt know where to post this so if this needs to be moved then feel free to move it

thanks for your time! :slight_smile: :bow:

I am guessing putting another persons CD collection onto your IPod is classed as nicking and is therefore not condoned.