Apple iPod shuffle grabs over half the US Flash player market

I just posted the article Apple iPod shuffle grabs over half the US Flash player market.

 When a  new company decides to develop an MP3 player, probably the first thing that  comes to their mind is what features a consumer would look for, for example a  large detailed display, easy...
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Oh the pain! Why are these people so stupid! :c The only reason I see to buy an IPod shuffle is the be sterotyped as a rich (but not rich enough to buy a real ipod) dumb person. When will people learn?

Well said Wanon - I seriously don’t see the point for an 1/2 expensive crippled player made by Apple - I mean - not many people like MACs … now pplz are running to the company that made them for their Portable Players :S!!!

I understand the argument for Ipods themselves but not for this rinky dinky little thing. Sony has a very similar MP3 player coming out with a screen on it! I think this shuffle has won over the cheapies, and the poorer schoolkids who can now say they have an ipod.

Wow! That bubble gum can play MP3s???:p:+

honestly, i dont see how anyone could bring themselves to buy this overpriced piece of crap. more truth that america will purchase whatever u shove under our faces. whats next? turd flavored gum? just chew on the Shuffle after you pull it out of your ass. the worst part is the iPod Shuffle doesnt come with lube, you jsut have to bend over and take it from Apple. F*** PROPRIETARY DRM <font size=1>[Removed swearing]
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It’s official. People are stupid

Please dont insult Bubble Gum. I can buy a 1Gb drive, with display, radio and built in ability to record for the same price as this. Just proves what advertising can do - they advertise, they sell. Simple as! Alot of people still think mp3 player = ipod. They dont realise there are tons of them out there.

Just as Wanon said, people buying ipod want in order to “feel in the group”. At thie time, apple can release whatever stuffs and slap ipod logo on it and people will SURELY buy it:d

apple could stick those 99 cent white earphones into a ham&cheese sandwich and sell it for $49.99. some idiots would buy it.

I don’t really understand why you think people are stupid to buy an iPod shuffle. Where I live, the iShuffle has a similar price than most other 1Gb MP3 players ($10 more than the Creative Muvo micro, $30 less than the iRiver iFT 899T), looks nice and is integrated with iTunes which seems quite useful. I understand a few people might need an FM radio but for the others the iShuffle seems a sensible choice.

One word: iRiverH320 or H340 Ipoo need not apply…

what I see many ipod shuffle users argued and justified their purchase is that: ipod shuffle they mostly use for jogging. and they don’t need any fancy useless functions, such as LCD screen, FM radio…etc… bahaha, that’s so funny
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HAHA! A screen is fancy?

Sony NW-E507 will rule them all … :wink: :X

Wow. I can feel the hate. Is Apple personally giving you a wedgie for every shuffle it sells? If people want to buy it, then let them. People buy all kinds of sh!t for personal style or because it conveys a certain image. If the dumb blondes at your gym with the silicone ta-tas really like ‘those cute little ipods’, I would consider it an ‘investment’ and not an ‘expense’.

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