Apple ipod music to hard Drive


I have tried many times for Apple to help me in their Support Forums, but I go unanswered, just frustrated.:eek:

I have Apple Ipod with mp3’s from my cd’s and mp4’s that I purchased online through Apple.

On my Hard drive, I have the same Mp3, & Mp4 files that I have on my Ipod . Whenever I delete any files on my hard drive and connect my ipod, no matter if I uncheck the itunes library, they still delete from my Ipod.

That’s not the issue. I’ve tried the linking only the playlists,but if I uncheck because the files already on the ipod,then they disappear from my ipod.

The question is that I will be wiping my Hard drive clean, and wanted to know after I re-install the applications, including the apple software, would I only have to plug in my IPOD and upload all the files from my IPOD back onto the computer, without re-installing all those mp3’s on the hard drive???

Thank you! :iagree: