Apple iPhone 7: thinnest ever design or 4K display? Or both?

Apple is on the verge of releasing its new iPhone 6 models (two of them) which will be the company’s first smartphone with a built in 4K camera. At the same time, rumors are circulating that Apple’s next effort, the iPhone 7, will indeed also feature a 4K UHD display in addition to a camera.

This isn’t a new rumor by any means and it doesn’t extend to just the iPhone. The same has been claimed by new Samsung flagship phones and the latest version of the Samsung rumors points at 4K display in their next phone as well.

However, what further reinforces the credibility of these rumors this time around is the fact that none other than Sony –another major player in the phone business—has now actually released a smartphone with a real live 4K display, the Xperia Z5 Premium.