Apple iPad criticized heavily

Apple iPad criticized heavily.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The consumer tech industry is still trying to figure out what to make of the <a href="">recently announced Apple iPad tablet device</a> that we first wrote about a couple days ago.

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I have a deep desire to inventory my entire house & contents, verify credit transactions, verify price, phone calls and set up a gift registry.

Oh … you meant that apple thingy.

I’ll pass.

When the dust settles… it is a cool little house-gadget that’s not too highly priced. The apps will determine whether its more than an entertainment device.
There’s no question it has potential to become a very multi-functional device, more than entertainment.

People shouldn’t be so hard on the iThings. Here’s a video from the launch that has a lot of incredible and amazing things to say about it.

i’ll pass

I’m waiting for a real tablet to be released. From some one like Asus, or Archos

Only thing that makes me interested in it is Fujitsu is claiming rights. And most Fujitsu products are good. But then again apple got there hands on it so its probably junk…

I personally think this company is going down the drain fast and there grabbing at every thing they can.