Apple iOS jailbreak now legal & easy, but still risky



Apple iOS jailbreak now legal & easy, but still risky.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Now that it’s legal to unlock smartphone devices for the purpose of installing applications, hackers have taken the opportunity to make jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch easier than it has ever been. Rather than having to connect the device to a computer, owners are now able to perform the jailbreaking process simply by visiting a website on their device and beginning a download.  

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Has anyone tried this yet?


iPod Touch 2nd Gen
No problems here.

I figured why not. My 1 year warranty is gone and I can just restore my iPod back to it’s original state later (with iTunes). But yeah like I said, no problems here. :slight_smile:
Had to do it twice. I think the servers were bogged down since the story was on here and Slashdot.


I did it yesterday . . . it took a few tries, but so far so good.


That way you can get malware installed also :eek:


Yeah you just have to be careful what you download. Also make sure you change your default SSH password on your iDevice.

That’s to make sure malware and hackers can’t break in by using the default password.


'nuff said :slight_smile:


I jailbroke my ipod with and it works fine. :slight_smile:


I did it when it first came out and it has worked fine since. It installed Cydia and then you have to go to the website and download a couple of other thing to start getting hacked apps. I did it just try the app and if I like it, I buy it!


One of the neat things I found in the Cydia store was all the ringtones . . . and being able to customize your notification sounds.