Apple introduces its budget flash player - The iPod shuffle

I just posted the article Apple introduces its budget flash player - The iPod shuffle.

 While Apple has had such a major success with its iPod and iPod mini series, they  are still determined to grab the remaining consumers on a budget who cannot  afford the more expensive...
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Complete genious!!! who seriosly looks at that little lcd screen all the time. All I do is load my music up and leave it on random all the time. Great move by apple!! And the capacioties are big too. Now if only it pluged into a windows machine and it comes up as an extra disk. I hate all that itunes bloatware

This device is in no way unique, and is definitely a case of Apple trying to cash in on their ipod brand awareness. Devices like this have been available for ages from many USB flash disk makers. Creative also makes a wide selection, and their MuVo Micro N200 is far better featured: about the same size, includes LCD display, removable battery (AAA), FM radio, voice record and line-in record. The only appeal I see of this ipod shuffle is the itunes compatability (in place of wma).