Apple Inc. settles trademark lawsuit with The Beatles

I just posted the article Apple Inc. settles trademark lawsuit with The Beatles.

Apple Inc., the maker of Macintosh computers and the popular iPod series has finally settled its trademark dispute with The Beatles label Apple Corps Ltd. over the use of the Apple logo and…

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Apple’s doing dirty business. The logos are different and everyone knows who had it first. Now, when you agree not to get into the music business, you agree NOT TO GET INTO THE MUSIC BUSINESS. Am I a Beatles fan? Why, can’t you tell?

let’s just play a little game shall we? lets play: “Where would Apple be now without the iPod?” :stuck_out_tongue: sorry Apple, but you slamming Microsoft for paying Universal is coming back to b!tch-slap you in the face. you couldn’t succeed in the computer industry, so just give it up already.

This isn’t that related, but I know there are many Apple-bashers in the CDFreaks community because of their FairPlay DRM technology. Here’s their stance on the current state of DRM music.

Despite the sense Apple’s “position” might make, Jobs’ knows darn well that the Big Four will not abandon DRM anytime soon. This statement is his way of answering the critics and the foreign regulatory bodies who criticize iTunes/iPod for lack of interoperability with competing products. He argues that his system would be open if it weren’t for DRM, which he’d rather not involve himself with anyway. DRM doesn’t improve his customers’ satisfaction in any way, and it increases passed-through costs to boot. It’s a purely rhetorical gesture. Nothing more. :r

Who really cares , for all the Beatles music would have been in public domain by now, if it wasn’t for the fact that in 1998 Sony Bono foisted upon the unsuspecting world the evil DMCA act , which has been used and abused since that date!