Apple iMac users fed up with glossy screens & want a matte option

Apple iMac users fed up with glossy screens & want a matte option.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple users a generally a fiercely loyal bunch, often sneering at the mere mention of ever using a PC again. One long standing “feature” about the company’s iMac computers, however, has users so frustrated that they have been petitioning four years for a change, and some have even chosen to go to “the dark side.” The culprit: the glossy monitors.

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I hate glossy screens.

Glossy screens are good for … actually I can’t think of anything.

Matte screens are great :slight_smile:
My two TV’s have slightly matte screens.
My Computer monitors have matte screens.
My phone & tablet have matte screen protectors.
My laptop has a glossy screen …right now, I’m using it as a mirror, with all the window curtains draped … and I can still see everything behind me …

Glossy / reflective screens essentially give a superior picture quality over matte screens but are only pleasant to look at in darker environments. The better picture is mainly due to the increased contrast from the glass but the reflection is annoying.
If you’re watching the screen mostly in daytime or well lit environments then you’re better off with a matte screen. But for a HDTV in a dark home theater room, I’ll take a plasma with a glass screen any day !

I’m having a Mac-Attack! Haha LOL!