Apple hires DVD Jon as security consultant

I just posted the article Apple hires DVD Jon as security consultant.

In the past weeks, Apple has suffered a blow to their iPod and iTunes monopoly. As Jon Johansen has been able with some partners, to come up with not once, but twice, a way around the…

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Something tells me this one is an April Fool…I don’t trust tech news this one day of the year.

What else could it be? Next we’ll have tinku flaming the RIAA and MPAA…

Aprils Fools!!

I could see Apple offering, but I couldn’t see Jon accepting.

I came here today to find the april fool post. This is the most likely one. Totally not as good as last years though. :slight_smile:

what was last year’s april fools joke?

Someone said enet made good discs. lmao :r:B