Apple gets NBC, Sci-Fi and USA network TV shows for iTunes

I just posted the article Apple gets NBC, Sci-Fi and USA network TV shows for iTunes.

Apple has announced a major addition to the lineup of video from
television. In another deal similar to the one with ABC, Apple has penned an
agreement with NBC, USA Network and the Sci-Fi…

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…and if you live outside of the US of A, you won’t see anything at all of this :frowning:

Which is a blessing. Who wants to watch Knight Rider anyway :smiley:

You mean you don’t love David Hasselhoff!!?!?!?! :+

this whole IPOD and video thing is so over-hyped do you really need to watch TV while you are outside?? hey here’s an idea… how about actually paying some attention to the world around you… yes there is a “real” world out here (at least until the icecaps finish melting…) :r

Hmmm… real world? You mean driving to work trying not to get in a wreck during morning rush hour, spending a wonderful day at work with an a$$hole boss you hate, and then returning home through the same rush hour traffic you encountered that morning? Sometimes watching TV is a nice change.