Apple fixing DVD eject problem on PowerBooks

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Apple has confirmed a glitch in the alignment of the DVD drive in its new slim PowerBooks that causes problems with ejecting said DVDs

The biggest problem however, is that current owners must…

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This is typical of Apple. I think they have real quality control problems. I have to support a cross platform network of PCs and Macs and Macs are always suffering hardware problems. Out of ten iMacs, eight have already been back to Apple for repairs, two were completely replaced. Three have suffered screen problems (color problems, random noise and complete failure) Other problems with Macs include overheating (iMacs and G4 cubes), case discoloration (G4 cube and a newer iMac), built in network adapter failure, hard disk failure (macs seem more susceptible to this - maybe file sustem is more disk intensive), breakage of power connector on a whole range of powerbooks, screen failure (iMacs, PowerBooks), power supply failure (we just adapt ATX or AT in house [depending on model] as Apple overcharge for repairs), emission of a strange tone intermittently (seen three machine like this recently), repeated crashing (a feature of all Macs - slightly better in OS X, but we will upgrade our users to Windows 2000 rather than support this failed 80’s unix clone), keyboard failure (both eletrical and physical problems), mouse problems (ball too light in older Apple mouses), CD-ROM failure (mainly iMacs with portable CD-ROM)