Apple files a compactable disc adapter patent

I just posted the article Apple files a compactable disc adapter patent.

The US Patent & Trademark Office has just after publishing a patent application Apple filed on May 2006, titled “Memory Disc Adaptor and Methods thereof”. While pretty…

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Doesn’t the Wii already handle that with GameCube discs and all? Then Nintendo can claim previous art.

Is that the same thing? If I read it right, it’s got to do with an adaptor that can be “dismantled” to a size similar to an 8cm CD (such that it doesn’t make the shipping uneconomical) but can be assembled to adapt the disc so that a slot drive can use it. My question, as usual, if you can take it apart, what stops a drive from doing the same?

Ok, your right, after I re-read it. That’s a good question too, if it’s some kinds of snap together device I’m assuming it will also have to spin along with the 8cm disc when in the drive. It will have to not fly apart and be very balanced also.