Apple faces threat from Scandinavia to open music to rivals



I just posted the article Apple faces threat from Scandinavia to open music to rivals.

 Apple's  closed proprietary DRM system faces another threat across Scandinavia after  three Nordic nations have jointly started action to force music download  services to offer music that...
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The music industry isn’t saying anything because the CDs are without DRM, so I would say it just would be best do remove DRM at all…


Presumably this has to work both ways, so if Apples iTunes works on all players all rival services have to work on iPods to? In that case either the other services are going to have to pay Apple a major load of cash for their DRM or there going to be illegal?!?!


It wouldn’t last. Apple will somehow make it go away, the same way they did in France. Talking about business goons? Apple are thw worst.