Apple faces suit after one finds some earbuds ouput >115dB

I just posted the article Apple faces suit after one finds some earbuds ouput >115dB.

 Not long  ago, there were hearing experts warning about the iPod series being capable of  outputting volume  levels of up to 104dB (100dB in EU) with the iPod's supplied ...
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I don’t get it. It seems to me that the user is at fault for turning it up so damn loud. Can’t people take responsibility for themselves anymore?

Typical ambulance chaser lawsuit. It states right in the manual that it can damage your hearing if you have the volume set too high for too long of a period. And common sense would dictate that you do not go too loud. Just someone trying to make a quick buck cause they are too lazy to actually get a real job to make their millions. Only in the good old lawyer happy USA does something like this happen to almost every company, and frivilous lawsuit. Gotta love capitalism to the extreme! Next thing you know someone will trip on the sidewalk and sue their shoe manufacturer for making shoes that are too slippery!

Somehow, this seems fitting. A company that whines and sues everyone at the drop of a hat for whatever it imagines is laying claim to what they (usually mistakenly) think is their IP are being sued in turn for something that is no less an example of mindless stupidity. Normally I’d say that a company faced with this kind of nonsense doesn’t deserve it since the suit clearly, to anyone sentient, has no merit. However this is Apple, known for terminal whinyness and launching suits left, right and center that are equally bereft of merit so… “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!”

Next up… Connecting any headphones to the speaker output of your 100W amplifier can result in burns, in addition to hearing loss. Also, our report on savants - people unable to understand or work simple electronics are still able to abuse the legal system for their own ends. :r Too bad using the iPod in a stupid manner doesn’t result in death, as that would only improve the gene pool. :d

“Only in the good old lawyer happy USA does something like this happen to almost every company, and frivilous lawsuit.” An interesting statement considering that in the EU the product is actually following standard safety levels. I mean, why cap the product in the EU and not in the US. If what you say is true, and only in the USA do these lawsuits exist… then they must’ve just been asking for this one! Not exactly the best example to prove your argument. Unless you really believe that they’d impose safety limits on all the other countries, but mysteriously leave those safety limits off when it comes to a country you believe is so well known for “frivolous lawsuits”.

I am so suing CTA mono rail system for producing such a high output of noise when i am in Chicago. Also I am suing the united states army for flying fighter jets at almost sonic speed in front of my house when i used to live on lake shore drive… Also i think kids screaming at school went over the 115db level. I will have my next few years taken up but i will be one rich mofo.

I am suing the makers of the Ginsu knives because I could cut myself while using them.

I am suing the plaintiff of the apple case and cdfreaks for reporting this story and risking the destruction of my brain cells… NUTS! there goes another one!

" a Louisiana man filed a lawsuit against Apple on behalf of all iPod buyers last week claiming that with a volume of over 115dB with certain earphones, it is possible to cause hearing damage with more than 28 seconds of continuous audio played at this volume." I guess the lawsuit also alleges how idiotic this guy and others have to be, to listen to music >115db which is akin to a rocket launch. Why can’t the law of natural selection sort these morons out of society and save all of us the trouble! ::frowning: This is no better than claiming McDonalds made me fat!

The ironic thing to me is, now that the persons hearing is damaged, it will require the power of the uber iPod to provide an enjoyable listening experience for the plaintiff. :d

shaolin007 did mcDonalds make u fat ? u may have a big case there if they did u know

Well if any of you remember the woman who sued McDonalds because she spilled her hot coffee on herself which scalded her hand, she settled for $1 million and now the cups have a warning label on them… Retarded when you think that coffee is supposed to be served hot… More and more companies and governments will get sued only so that they can settle out of court for less instead of facing larger settlements and legal fees… Interesting as it may seem, the RIAA is using this same tactic against us for sharing music… Most of the people sued cant afford the legal ramifications of taking the RIAA so they settle out of court…

This will go nowhere fast. This happened back when cassette walkman’s were big. Sony’s response was to add a volume limiter to the player & I’m sure that was hardly used. People need to be responsible for themselves & a simple disclaimer in the manual is all that’s required.

I guess you didn’t hear about the lawsuits brought to McDonalds by a couple of parents who had obese kids claiming that McDonalds made them eat their food. Dude, go to Subway or something already! :S

There’s more to the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit than the media ever let on:

Oh yes, that crazy lady who sued for a million over hot coffee. What a stupid bitch! Except… she was right…

Stupid spoiled loser!! My iPod got stratched (sp?) = Sue Apple. My iPod damaged my ears = Sue apple. I can’t make good enough software = sue microsoft I dunno how to market = Sue Linux. I poured coffee into my BenQ monitor and it blew up = sue BenQ Oh, my toilet’s handle is broken and my s*** starts to stink the whole house and causes my cat faint… Sue the toilet maker!

Ok so you know the coffee is hot and through sheer clumsiness you spill the coffee on your lap. Did Ronald McDonald jump into the car and MAKE you spill the coffee? No. By the way, I drink espresso. I have a espresso machine at the house that has coffee around the ‘scalding’ temperature that she had spilled on her lap and I don’t seem to have the same problem. The milk I froth is around 150-160 degrees by itself. :S

Personal responsibility, yeesh… [I]who[/I] turned the volume up to 11?? Actually, I’d like to borrow those earbuds. The ones I bought at Kmart to replace the ones I’d had for years (I think they came with my Rio 300, honestly) don’t seem to get above 60dB, which makes them pretty much useless while I mow the lawn. [I]Masterbw[/I]: If the smell of your poo makes your cat faint, when your cat’s box could gag a maggot some days (I have a furball too, I know these things), you really should see a doctor. :stuck_out_tongue:
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