Apple exececutive asks PC manufacturers to bundle iTunes

I just posted the article Apple exececutive asks PC manufacturers to bundle iTunes.

Peter Lowe,
marketing guru for Apple applications was interviewd on Inside Digital
Media. Among other things Mr. Lowe feels that if PC makers take a look at
what iTunes has to…

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One of the great things about the PC is its open hardware. Regardless of how good iTunes is, it wouldn’t make any sense to get users to catalog their media in iTunes (which itself is contrary to the look and feel of the rest of the system) and then find they can only export their media for the road to an iPod. I have nothing against iTunes or iPod, it’s just not right to support this thing until it’s a bit more open…

iTunes is open. I ripped my entire CD collection at 256kbps MP3 and I can burn a disc and play it in my car deck no problem. Overall iTunes is a more thoughout media player than WMP9.

What do you mean more open? You want it to spew its source code when you click on the hidden PI sign? They can’t have an open system and still get the deals done to sell music; the evil music business is still 100% in charge, they are just a retail outlet.

What I mean by more open is that, in Windows Media Player, you can play any file for which an appropriate filter is installed and you can use any portable device for which a proper driver is provided. You are not limited to MP3/AAC and you are not limited to iPod. Sorry, I didn’t mean “open source”… I agree that iTunes may be a better media player than WMP. I uninstalled it when I discovered the above two showstoppers.

Yes but iTunes is a replacement for WMP for music. Many people, including myself still use WMP9 for video related content and streaming.