Apple eMac 1,25GHz works with A07 XL firmware


A few months ago, I wanted to flash the internal DVD drive in the eMac I bought in July. I remember that the original firmware, back when I patched the drive the first time, was versioned A07, and it always identified itself as a Pioneer DVR 107D.

I fetched a hacked 107D firmware and installed it using the mac version of DVRFlash. The result was a significantly louder DVD drive then before, where ejects where unreliable. Often, an eject would result in either a the system not responding for a few seconds, or 100% CPU, and the remounting the disc - and then a second eject would work fine.

Fed up with this, I just tried the most recent hacked 107 XL firmware, and everything works fine; the drive is silent again, and ejecting seems to work fine and reliably. I think I here some a bit of high pitch noise, but I can’t recall what it sounded like with the original firmware, for comparison.

Since everything works fine with the XL firmware, I’d conclude that must be the type of drive the eMac has built in. Perhaps the recent PowerMacs do as well. Am I completely mistaken, or is this already common knowledge?