Apple Developer Site Hack now Claimed

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I wonder if this is the same individual who hacked the Ubuntu forums. One has to wonder what his motives are. To make it harder to have technical discussions about user difficulties?

We were haggling over “Apple is a more secure OS” last week and we’re seeing this as only a sidelight commentary to that debate. I’m fairly certain that this database-hack was done on their servers, not accessing a desktop iOS so this shouldn’t have a substantial impact on “most secure OS” arguments.

However, this is a pretty significant one because Apple Developers often share files - intellectual property - with each other based on validated “I pay Steve Jobs money to verify me” license agreements. Now, all of those users are probably white-faced and re-considering snail-mail and handing out true shipping addresses for ‘intellectual property exchanges’.

The US Postal Service - and world postal services - should probably pay these hackers!

It IS interesting that the Ubuntu Forum Hack was revealed only days before, in a wink-wink coincidental time-fashion. Ubuntu has gone to great lengths to assure its developers that the Good Stuff (developer forums and DBs) were untouched. But there’s got to be some developers (or their staffers) who belong to both and used the same casual ID & Password.

I think that’s the key thing and you’ve hit the nail on the head Christine. :iagree:

It’s the fact that it’s the developer’s network that makes it so significant.


In hubby’s office, these two tsunamis have arrived with sentiments that appear almost like Fukushima. “What? NOW this one too?!!”

The UBUNTU publicity arrived a week after the facts were original distributed, and routine security functions were merely stepped up a day or two. No big deal. At least not yet!

The APPLE revelations are somewhat more monetary because, compared to the expenses of paying Microsoft Development fees, Apples’ fees compared to returns-on-investment are sky-high. Ten times investment more for 90% less revenue.

And the threat that these incredibly-overpriced developer-fee IDs could be compromised, or lost, or mis-used… well… “3/11 and Fukushima” is probably a worthy parallel.

Dial-up BBS, anyone? EEeee-SQWAAAAWWWK, EEEeeee Squaaawwwk…

“Where’s that 8-port COM board?”

Its software and bugs happen. A security researcher claims that he thinks he was the reason Apple closed the site. He was researching Apple. In his investigation, he said he found 13 bugs on the Developer site, which he reported to Apple through its bug-reporting site. He says he meant no harm and Apple closed the site upon receiving the reports.

You can read his actual statement here:

Christine where do you get that 90 % less revenue statistic ? Based on Mac vs. PC installed base ? Last time I looked iOS has by far the most lucrative app store for tablets and phones. Its well known the money is in iOS and not Android or Windows phone for app developers. Its well documented iOS users are more likely to pay for apps vs. Android users. Windows phone and Surface aren’t even worth talking about they are such utter failures.

Ivid, the App Store is selling pennies. I was talking about applications that sell to business operations that start in the tens of thousands of dollars. Graphics studios. Music production houses. Film and video applications.

Those customers aren’t contiemplating a $14.95 app for their budget - they’re contemplating an annual license to continue to use a 300-user license on a $278,000 software package, where those developers must give Apple 20-30%, whereas the Linux and Win versions give ZERO. Unless that program includes an Oracle database, which costs on a per-installed user basis.