Apple closes DRM leak in iTunes Music store

I just posted the article Apple closes DRM leak in iTunes Music store.

A few days ago we reported about DVD Jon who built some tools to download DRM free AAC files from the iTunes
Music Store. You still had to buy your files, but you did not encounter any …

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Already been cracked again. info on slashdot.

Like I said before, anything that is visible as 0s and 1s can be cracked! As I recalled years ago, as part of my PhD research, I informed the information technology board at the time that it is not possible to protect software since the same programming language that is used to provide the protection can also be used to crack it! They didn’t believe me then. I think they still don’t believe me…:X No jokes about a guy with a PhD degree please! Thanks…:B
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DVD Jon has already reopened the leak. More info at /1111541425 :+ added a space to long URL. Messing up our layout :wink:
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Companies never really get it. It’s pretty hard to make copy protection that will not be cracked. The only instance in recent memory I can recall was half-life 2, but the protection caused so many headaches, that it must of alienated some customers. I think someone made a crack for hl2 anyways. Yah whats the point of blowing all that money on copy protection, when people out there hack it for free.