Apple clears up QuickTime update confusion with v.6.5.1



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 Apple has released a new version of QuickTime version 6.5.1 which  features audio and video encoding (export) and playback capabilities for 3G  content.  These include the 3GPP  (.3gp) and...
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I think it’s time to switch to QuickTime Alternative. I need none of these “improvements”.


You know what QuickTime and QuickTime Alternative are, don’t you? On Windows, QuickTime (official) is a set of libraries and a player program that interfaces with them. QT Alternative is just the official Apple DLLs without the official player, that allows you to play files that use the QuickTime codecs in Directshow players that understand the QuickTime file container format (MOV). Notice that if you have QuickTime installed, but not QT Alternative, you can play QuickTime files just fine in Media Player Classic, IrfanView, etc. The latest version of QT Alternative always matches the featureset of the latest QuickTime, because it is merely an illegal repackaging of the DLLs. By using the latest QTA, you will eventually be getting these “`improvements’” whether you want them or not. Me, I have and will continue to use Media Player Classic with Real Alternative (because Real uses spyware and gathers statistical info from players) and OFFICIAL APPLE QuickTime (because official QuickTime works the same way, is legal, doesn’t gather stats, contains no spyware, and has a convenient updater). There is at least the possibility that Real Alternative is legal, because of the Helix project, but there is NO WAY that QT Alternative is legal, because there is no unauthorized open source QuickTime project that is capable of doing what QT Alternative does.