Apple blocks iPod Download ipod ripping tool in iTunes 4.7

I just posted the article Apple blocks iPod Download ipod ripping tool in iTunes 4.7.

 While a 

good number of HDD based MP3 players available allow music to be freely copied on and back off the player via its drive letter, the iPod is one player that getting music back off is…

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k so you know it is pretty bad when your average ipod holds 2500+ songs on it, and well itunes sells em for a buck a piece. So Apple is saying, "you were dumb enough to fork out 2 grand to us to buy your music (I am sure some people will over the lifetime) and well we are going to tell you what to do with what you bought. " Once again this is big business invading our lives. No longer do you own what you bought, you are just renting it. I wonder how much longer it will take till these American corporations will be telling us all what we are allowed to think! Mind you, saying what you think in the states is enough to get you arrested or killed nowadaus. It’s no longer the so called land of the free, it’s now the land of “piss me off and I will sue you!” Seems almost everyone there cares only about themselves, and what it will take to get them rich. Wonder if Brittany will have subliminal messages in her next album? “P2P is bad, buy everything you listen to, but you do not own it, you are only renting it, and we will invade your house and arrest you if you skip the commercials on your TIVO!” woot glad I am in Canada, free to download what i want, and able to actually drink the beer my country makes without having to worry about wet farts

So, effectively what apple is saying, now that you have purchased ‘ipod’, downloaded 40 gig of lossy drm’d 128bit apple encode crap, you can only purchase or upgrade with our next gen crap and nobody else’s even if they are technically superior, and if your micro harddrive is wiped out(do not use in high magnetic fields of high energy particle physics labs) Ha ha! no backups allowed(besides apple lawyers can’t attack if published in source code a US 1st amendment right of free speech upheld in all appeal courts to date(ie decss case is the last failure,that comes to mind). But then again why buy a product of questionable reliability, that is locked to any one organization, where is the freedom of choice?:r

I have no problem getting the contents of my iPod back onto a PC using PodUtil… I don’t get what all the tin-foil hysteria is about tbh… Using iTunes iPod Updater 2004-10-20 There are other utilities out there, look around.

You have no problems because you’re a PC user and thus decidedly more tech savvy than the average Mac user. That pretty much says it all in a nutshell I mean we are talking about serious power cloaked in blinding ignorance…
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All I have to say is Creative Zen Jukebox, an AAC converter and Play Fair. You can still buy your tunes rip the Apple shit DRM off it and load it to a truely free player.