Apple axes television show rentals on Apple TV

Apple axes television show rentals on Apple TV.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple has completely eliminated the 99-cent video rentals it put in place last year for TV show episodes. This is largely due to the overwhelming number of networks that were not willing to offer their shows for such a low price.

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Down in my part of the world you can’t get TV shows via iTunes but what we will see is more pirating of them if the greedy US networks have their way… Most likely… the networks are trying to force people back to pay TV

they want you to watch the 16 minutes per hour of ads that pay for the programs to be made. 99c does not even make a dent

Apple axes television show rentals on Apple TV

I axed Apple from my life a long time ago…

Do the shows bought from apple have DRM?

[QUOTE=silver30;2601632]Do the shows bought from apple have DRM?[/QUOTE]

I believe so. Most likely a condition of selling them. Hollyweird hasn’t caught up the record industry yet with DRM free stuff…

Who cares. Apple TV is reasonably inexpensive and a very cool companion device for iPad/iPhone/iPod owners for displaying all kinds of content over AirPlay to an ATV. It’s pretty freakin cool. I don’t need a subscription service or rentals. I’ll just use a 3rd party media player app to stream my xvids to an ATV.

As far as what apple is doing, it possible they are gearing up a feature to allow installing TV channels onto ATV they way you install apps on iPads etc. ATV 2 does have 8 GB of storage not currently exposed to the user…

Me too olyteddy…I got tired of buying $20.00 usb wire’s for the kid’s ipod’s…so I ordered a bunch from china for.99 cent’s each…haha…no more money from my wallet to apple…