Apple, Adobe spar over Flash

Apple, Adobe spar over Flash.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said some nasty things about Adobe Flash last week, and now both sides are fighting over the platform's relevance.

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I’m on the fence on this one, only because some of my favorite sites use Flash.

But I do know very well that Flash sucks, big time. I don’t know how anyone can defend such a bloated pig of a resource killer. HTML5 should make Flash irrelevant.

In a world where the content providers are moving to consolidate their assets and formats for as much platform compatibility as possible, H.264 is the obvious winner over Flash. Adobe should just get it over with and throw in the towel.

That sounds all good and nice but I have no problem seeing or running flash sites or program on my computer. Given you didn’t give any specifics as to why it’s bloated maybe your system needs to be get more Ram or faster CPU and or better GPU to perform those task. Considering the world runs on Adobe I doubt that will go away anytime soon more or less it will still exist along with other formats.

Wow is it just me or is apple at war with every one now.

Flash runs fine for me. Sure you can say it has problems but i think apple is stupid for not including it because i would rather buy a device that can handle it then one that can’t. Its all about what it can do not what it can’t.

I have no loyalty to Adobe Flash, but I do believe it is required to deliver “the best experience on the web” as Apple is touting. This just because there are so many sites out there that use Flash. If every site out there that uses Flash dumps it and switches to an HTML5 implementation, I wouldn’t mind, but it’s just not going to happen quickly.