Apple admits SuperDrive 8x media reliability glitch

I just posted the article Apple admits SuperDrive 8x media reliability glitch.

 Back in  August, we  reported that Apple Mac  users demand 'slow SuperDrive' fix. Apple have now admited a issue may  exist. Even with Apple saying that, they havn't offered a solution or ...
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Does not affect me as I am a PC user only. However what does interest me is the recommendation to only use 2x or 4x media. The slowest media now available on the market seems to be 1x-8x so where are these poor sods supposed to get the slower ones?

Well…I wonder how the Mac geeks react now that it’s shown that their preferred system is not that much superior compared to those of “poor” pc users…

RE: Roadworker :B Actually it’s not a Mac related problem but “the issue is centred on the Matsushita UJ-835E DVD-R” … Side note: I dont even own a Mac.

Oh, no surprise. The MatSHITa drives suck in any computer…

Sticking it to the Mac users, I like that. The ‘holy’ machine has a glitch. Is it just me or is Apple not doing so well with their products’ Customer Satisfaction lately. First that Nano gets scratched just by looking at it, and now they’re admitting that there is a problem with the drive, but it’s your problem now that you got one. hehe. Besides the clean look, I don’t see how Apple is different from PC’s.