Apple 8x DVD-R on clearance at Fry's B&M (YMMV)

My local Frys is clearing out the Apple-branded MXLRG03 5-packs. The original price was $14.99 :eek: but is now marked down to $4.99. The caveat is that I’m not sure if it’s just this particular store or all Frys stores. At any rate, the Apple discs are first class media for sure, the best discs one can buy in stores. Easily as good as Mori media or Media Box MXLRG03 exclusive to Japan.

I would love to see a scan of one. I have that media code but its Maxell branded MIJ. :iagree:

I could have sworn I had posted more scans of that media than this, but here’s the one I found:

[EDIT] I found another one, really old though: [/EDIT]

$1 is per disc is way too much. If you want Maxell MID MIJ media, Walgreens is having Maxell on clearance as well, 8X MIJ -R pack of 10 for around $7 with jewel case, individually jewel cased
they also have maxell mini 8cm disc for $4 for 5 pack, all MIJ, good for camcorder
they also have Sony mini 8cm +RW, MIJ, pack of 2 for $5. Hmmm +RW MIJ, could it be TY rewritable??? I am gonna get some tomorrow but prolly wont be able to try it out since I dont think my laptop burner supports mini disc. I feel like handicapped since all my burners are left at home while I am away for schooling and I am only limitted to the burner that I have on my laptop.

The Apple MXLRG03 are WAYYYYYYYY better than the regular consumer MXLRG03 sold at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc. They were made on the premium lines like Mori Media and Media Box media and thus have the short eight alphanumeric character hub serials, are better bonded, and burn with lower max PIE and lower total PIF.

The Apple-brand disks are no longer on their web site, so this clearance is most likely nationwide.

Yep, the only decent consumer-grade 8x Maxell media are the MAXELL002s (+R). The consumer-grade MXLRG03s (-R) suck. The RG03s have extremely poor bonding and the scans are beyond underwhelming. Avoid long-serial RG03s like the plague.

$1 a disc no way :disagree: :Z It’s your money though :iagree:

Discs in jewel cases usually will run $1/disc or more. I’m sure I’m not the only CD Freak who thinks this is a good deal for these superb discs.

I’m married with child so no not a good deal for me. Enjoy :slight_smile:

well, anything under Apple brand is overprice as you can see apple LCD screen, 23" screen runs for $1000 while Samsung, the biggest company in making LCD screen in the world, their 24" retail for $800 and you can get them for around $699. And 20" Apple LCD sold for $700??? Now Apply dropped the price on their LCD to $800 and $500 for 23" and 20" respectively, still overprice after the price drop. Mac pro costs more than 2k?? all it has is a dedicated video card (not even a highend video card), built-in bluetooth, and other features. Nothing else more than that. You can get an equivalent laptop interm of hardware and interm of built quality and reliablity for at least $500 less.

Walgreens have Maxell brand on clearance, I saw a lot of MIJ, 10-pack in individual jewel case, for $7. Apple media have Maxell MID but might burn a bit better with a few spike-less than Maxell with Maxell MID. The the price is not justified for that.

OK, this thread is starting to degenerate into an Apple bashing thread, from people who don’t know $%#$% about their products. I’m done. :rolleyes:

just to prove a point, I did not bash apple products, I did give them credit for their built quality/reliablity. I know how good their products are but you can get an IBM thinkpad T series (known for built quality and reliability) with equivalent specs costs less than an apple macbook pro. It is a true fact that their products are overpriced.
Asus is the maker of the macbook but equivalent config asus laptop costs less than apple laptop

Another example is that Maxell is the maker of Apple DVD-R, and yet under maxell brand, it costs less

And finally, Apple 20" WS LCD, when comparing the price to Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW, the price on Apple is more than 2 times the Dell given that the look on the Apple LCD is more attractive, but both LCD panels use the same LG.Philips LCD LM201W01 panel.

i bought a 5 pack, only one left by my house

Great media, much different than the same media code I have made by Maxell.:iagree: I would never get a scan like that will the Maxell media with the exact same media code.:disagree:


I do not think Apple makes media anymore, so this is really a mute point. Maxell does not even produce that media code anymore so anything you might find with this media code is old stock. I have not seen MXLRG03s since I bought them on sale at CompUSA 2 years ago. The batch I had was terrible, not even close to the scans that were produced by the Apple branded same media code. :confused:

Meanwhile their common stock has tripled in the past 18 months so they must be doing something right . LOL.:iagree:

This is all so ridiculous.

Apple never made media. They bought discs from Pioneer, Maxell and Mitsubishi to re-brand. The Apple branded media is no different that the discs sold by the manufacturer direct, under the Pioneer, Maxell and Verbatim brands at the time.

Apple products are more expensive because people buy them for the ridiculous price, not because it’s better or even different.

But hey, it’s your $1.

The only thing that’s ridiculous is your failure to grasp logic.

Apple-branded media is made by Maxell. We already know that. The point is, the media that Maxell provided to Apple is professional-grade, which normally costs as much as $2.00 per disk when you buy it under the Maxell brand. So, $1 per disk is actually CHEAPER than the normal cost of Maxell professional-grade media. The media is more expensive because it’s Maxell’s higher-grade media, not because it’s relabeled by Apple. :rolleyes: